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Lechon special / roasted pig

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This recipe can be used also if you are roasting a whole pig or pig’s head. Since not everyone will be roasting a whole pig, this recipe is for pig’s ham only for more convenient cooking. If you don’t like to use charcoal for cooking and want a lechon in oven instead, then you can use an oven.


Get a fresh/raw ham from your butcher; have them leave the skin on.

Prep Needs:
5 Gallon Plastic Bucket
1/2 cup Kosher/sea Salt
1/2 cup Brown Sugar
6 Bay Leaves
4 Tablespoons Fresh Black pepper
1/2 cup cane vinegar
2-3 gallons of water
Aluminun Foil

  • In a large pot put 1 gallon of water, salt, sugar, pepper, Bay leaves, and vinegar. Heat over low heat until sugar and salt dissolved. Allow to cool to room temperature. Place Ham in the bucket, pour in marinade and add water in water until ham is covered, cover bucket with foil… put in ice box overnight.
Cooking Needs:
  • Large BBQ Grill
  • Foil cake pan
  • Charcoal
  • Meat thermometer
  • Place charcoal in BBQ grill and light, wait 20 min. move charcoal to the sides of the grill and place foil pan in the bottom of grill, with the coals on both sides of the pan and place on the top grill rack, fill pan half full with liquid from the bucket.
  • Remove the Ham from the bucket and place on the grill large side down. Cook for 4 to 6 hrs, adding 5 or 6 coals, to each side every 30 min. check the meat with a meat thermometer, when you get a reading of 160 degrees at the center of the ham it’s done. Remove from grill and allow resting for 20 min. then carve and enjoy.
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  1. Anonymous said...

    Super delicious!

  2. Lee said...

    I loose control once I see and smell lechon! Just a bite or two of the crunchy skin won't hurt!

  3. Anonymous said...

    @Lee the crunchy skin is what I'm after for a lechon! gotta eat some crunchy skin soon.

  4. Heather said...

    This reminds me of pig pickin's down south in North Carolina. We always cooked whole pigs on a HUGE cooker . cooked it all day long and it's so good!!!!

  5. Anonymous said...

    @Heather cool! I'm not really familiar with pig pickin, however I tried to google it and i think it's yummy. hmm.. by the way, do you really need to slice the pig?

  6. Heather said...

    Slice? No! It just gets pulled off the pig. and then doused with a vinegar bbq sauce. yum!!

  7. Anonymous said...


  8. Mishu said...

    Picture is super dupper. I can't wait to taste it.
    Thanks for sharing such nice recipes.

  9. secretadmirer said...

    Nyam nyam haha, but be careful of H1N1 yow....

  10. Anonymous said...

    @Mishu - no problem mate! you gotta take the skin..its crunchy!

  11. Anonymous said...

    @secretadmirer - h1n1 is almost over! it can now be cured..

  12. Sherry said...


    the photo itself looks sooo crunchy and yummy!!!

    why did you post this!? now, im craving! hahahaha!

    I hope Jollibee adds lechon to their menu next time here in the US haha!

  13. pinoygeek said...

    toink! lechon is the best! Why not add lechon is jobi's MENU..hehe..

    anyway, here is the new site:

  14. pinoygeek said...
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  15. pinoygeek said...

    Here is the new site: LUTONG PINOY RECIPE

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